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Our Mission

We strive to help you create and implement an effective, coordinated financial and investment strategy.

We don’t stop there. We’ll review and monitor your plan regularly in order to ensure that you’re on track to pursue your personal financial goals.

Because we are part of an independent broker-dealer, we don’t have sales quotas, contests or any other distractions to obscure our relationship with our clients – our loyalty is to you and your family. 

At Pines Financial Group, our goal is to enhance your financial future through mutual respect, knowledge, and trust. We promise to provide personalized service while applying a systematic process to your investment plan.

<strong>Personalized Service</strong>

Personalized Service

We respect your individuality and consider your unique needs as we assess your goals. We assist in creating both long and short-term goals through established methods, careful research, and utilization of appropriate technological resources.

<strong>Systematic Process</strong>

Systematic Process

We follow a specific set of steps: listen and establish goals, gather and analyze data, design and implement a strategic plan, then monitor and re-evaluate this plan regularly through our review process.

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